Lorenzo Cristaudo


About Me

My Background

From Kintergarten finger painting, to modeling clay sculptures stuck to my parents‘ front door, and from borrowing my neighbor’s darkroom kit to bending glass with my chem set, the methods and materials of arts and crafts have deeply fascinated me. 

I’m all about process and how to express an idea visually and

with feeling. 

The Materials and Methods

I am known as a glassblower, baker, chef, photographer, painter, sculptor, print maker, and book artist. Many of he materials of these expressions often overlap, but when they don’t the processes do. 

Shaping a glass vase, a loaf of bread, or the sun’s orb in a print may seem disparate, but they are united by the head and hands of the maker.  Pre-visualizing an end requires knowledge of the materials while collaborating with forces of Nature.

I seek forms of expression that encourage the happy accident. The difference between the machine made and the hand made is the artistic collaboration between me and the world around me. 

The Inspiration

A thought, a visual experience, a whimsical musing can often lead me in the direction of wanting to make something. Sometimes I’m reacting to a current event, or a remarkable display of Nature, or just to experiment with new materials. 

Regardless, my goal is always to present works to others for their gateway to connect with me either in person or vicariously. 

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Lorenzo Cristaudo

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